Tuesday, January 10, 2006

San Fran

I just spent the past weekend with 6 other missional leaders from around the country to plan and create a missional immersion experience for March 20-25. It is designed to help foster the skills required for you to chart your way into missional engagement with postmodern American culture. Please contact me if you are interested in coming it is going to be awesome! I can only say it was amazing! Connecting with people I hardly knew at all and now after our own mini-immersion experience I feel deeply connected to them and excited that there are other leaders around the country seeking the face of God and the renewal of his church. Even more so I got a whirlwind tour and therefore window in the bitter sweet city of San Francisco. We spent the day walking, listening, and learning from the visions and voices of the people, business and images of this urban garden. It is hard to capture in words the ways in which God was speaking and revealing himself to me but as always I will make an attempt at it.

Stunning murals capturing the rich history of Latino and Hispanic journeys; tongues and tribes of every nation filled with the sidewalks with Pentecostt-eque conversation; passionate people in love with their city; palm trees and graffiti; rolling hills; farmers markets; families with strollers and children on bikes; dogs of every bread and shape; a vibrant uncloseted gay and lesbian community; deep and rich social investment and capital; searching hearts and minds; prophets voices critiquing the American empire; rich history of beat poets, hippies and techies all these images and voices clamoring together in a somewhat dissonant unity. San Francisco is a beautful city - an urban creation as all creations that declares the glory of God while simultaneously groaning for redemption.

Come join us us in March as we journey further upand further in.

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Brian said...

Sounds like quite the opportunity. Keep me posted about the gathering.