Friday, March 10, 2006

Words that Linger #4

Perhaps our real task in prayer is to attune ourselves to the conversation already going on deep in our hearts. Then we may align our conscious interactions with the desire of God being expressed at our core. The foundation of all prayer is being present to [God’s] presence.

[Contemplation] is an experience of being present only to the moment, unconscious of time. Deep contemplation draws us, momentarily into the eternal realm that transcends time…. When we let go of all effort to speak or even to listen, simply becoming quiet before God, the Spirit is free to work his healing mysteries in us: releasing us from bondage, energizing new patterns of life, restoring our souls beauty. Here we allow ourselves to be loved by God into wholeness. Such communion with God is an end in an of itself, not a means to another end, however good." From Soul Feast by Majorie Thompson pgs. 31, 33, 45

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