Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sending the seventy

Thanks to my partner in crime, John Creasy, the Open Door steering team spent some time looking at Jesus sending out the 70 in Luke 10 this past Thursday night. It is an amazing picture of what it looks like to be sent by Jesus. Here are some of our random comments and insights.
  1. Do not move around from house to house plant your feet somewhere, do not spread yourselves to too thin rather focus on households and neighborhoods
  2. Don take anything with you be dependent on God and others to care for you
  3. Don't worry about where you are not welcome just move on
  4. Change produces rowers, watchers and grumblers focus on the rowers so as to convince the watchers.
  5. Like lambs among wolves the mission is not safe it is risky and dangerous and uncomfortable
  6. We bring peace and that is the message of the kingdom
  7. Mission involves hospitality, stay and eat and drink
  8. The kingdom of God is comes near to both those who receive it and those who do not and to those who receiveitt, it is peace.
  9. Ask the Lord of the harvest for more workers for the fields that are ripe
  10. There is a lot of action, healing and then proclaiming that the Kingdom of God is here. The deeds proceed the proclamation
  11. Mission is rooted in households and towns
  12. The is a huge level of responsibility to be the mission of God for the 70
  13. There is not a concern about this person saved or not it is just go and live out the good news and let the Lord of the harvest take care of it.

I hope and pray to see more of this kind of missional activity in the church as Jesus sends us, just like Father sent him.

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Sarah Louise said...

Wow! This is great stuff. Truly food for thought or blog...