Monday, June 12, 2006

above-the-line solutions

Brain McLaren has done it again. In his most recent post he is calling the Church to live "above-the-line" instead of mapping out a position at either end of us/them or either/or conflicts, or even choosing some moderate point in between poles. Instead he pushes for a humble recognition that we are all journeying together with faith that continues to seek understanding. It is helpful to no one to define ones self or ones community by where they are on some spectrum (theological, political or otherwise). Nor is it constructive to define ones self or ones community by what we are opposed to or against. Brian says these positions "tend to polarize people into binary positions" on a continuum of sorts. So what if we sought above-the-line solutions attempting to affirm honor the good on both extremes while seeking to avoid at least some of the problems bifircation creates. In reality some of what Brain has suggested is just good contextualization. In some communities and cultures a certian ethic, theology, action, ritual, structure, politic etc... will be emphasized and others deemphasized.

Anyway... I just wanted to get you to read it... so check it out if you are at all intrigued.

You can find it here.


dlweston said...

this was a fantastic read! Thanks for passing it on. I'm sharing it with some folks in Portland to get them excited about McLaren speaking here this Frdiay. Hopefully, we'll have a good turn out. I'll let you know how that goes.

How's hebrew? Did you get my message?

bj woodworth said...

hebrew is going ok, like drinking from a fire hydrant! Lots of words to learn in a short time. I got your message sorry I have not called back... hebrew.

The BQP said...

While I agree with the sentiment, what would Bonhoffer have thought about this position.

Sarah Louise said...

Good stuff.