Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sea spray

Thanks to Maggi Dawn whose blog I stole this quote from.

The author C. S. Lewis once wrote that there is all the difference in the world between reading a map of the coastline and feeling the spray of the ocean upon your face. People come to church, he said, not to be taught to read maps [about God], but to feel the spray.

Thanks to my community the Open Door who helps me feel the sea spray upon my face every day.


Sarah Louise said...

Wow. I went to Niagara Falls once and there was a blind woman on our bus. She wasn't really interested or engaged in any of it until we were on the Maid of the Mist boat and you could feel the spray on your face. She was delighting in the spray. It was beautiful to watch.

John said...

After today's missional cohort I was thinking about how worship draws us into the love that the Father has for the Son. We become partners in that love. It is a real metaphysical experience, maybe physical too. That same love leads us out into the world to follow the Holy Spirit, the result of the Love of the Father and Son. The Spirit leads us into mission and back into worship.

When we worship as the Open Door, I can feel the mist, I know it's real.

Anonymous said...

that's a really pretty analogy. even just thinking of having 'sea spray on your face' is maybe similar a sort of inexplicable feeling of complete peace or joy or happiness or all of the above.
melanie lutz