Thursday, July 27, 2006

Me and Matisyahu

I can now chat with Matisyahu in Hebrew. Today after 2 months and a 3.5 hour final I finished Biblical Hebrew. Thanks be to God! I celebrated with Bob Ruffel, a pint of a great red IPA and an ostrich burger at the Sharp Edge. Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me, prayed for me and coped with my grumpiness over the past two months. A special thanks to Katrina who carried our family, our home and ME through this time! One more year to go. 3 Electives, Hebrew Exegesis, Christology, Missiology and Homeletics. Mark your calendars for a late May '07 Graduation Bash!


John said...

that's awesome! You'll fly through the rest of your classes!

Sarah Louise said...

Woo hoo!

dlweston said...

hopefully we can celebrate our seminary graduations together!

alyssa said...

You did it, BJ!! You're on the homestretch now :)

Andy Rowell said...

Unrelated, BJ but check out this. Blogger is getting better.

Matty said...

Em was in Pitt this week. She misses the "Urban" we live in what you call "rural," Oklahoma.
Congrats. What do I miss about Pittsburgh? Open door, Sharp edges found too late, Shraders, Woodworths, the rest, not so much, but just a little.
Matty Bonn.
P.S. This is first time I have ever "posted" anything.