Monday, October 08, 2007

presbymergent preaching

This weekend I will be participating in a Presbymergent conversation at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and leading a seminar on Presbymergent preaching. I am looking forward to hanging out with and talking with some old local Emergent Pittsburgh folk and making some new friends from the national conversation among Presbymergent folk. check out Adam Walker Cleveland's and Karen Sloan's blogs.

For my seminar I am resurrecting a homelitic paper i wrote last year where I tried to synthesize some Reformed perspectives on the Word of God and more postmodern epistemological practices of communal, innovative and dialogical forms of preaching. Here is the description.

Is the preaching of the Word of God, as the Second Helvetic Confession states simply and by default the Word of God or is it more dynamic than that? Drawing upon the work of Reformed and emerging theologians and practioners we will engage in a conversation about how we can experience and practice the preaching of the Word that is an artistic, dynamic and Spirit guided contextual engagement of gospel and culture; rooted in the story of scripture with varying forms seeking to prophetically imagine an alternative story that will transform local communities of faith.

I hope you can join us!


Sarah Louise said...

wow, that is a lot of big theological words!! I can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

Hi BJ. It has been a long time. I would really like to come this weekend. Can I register on Friday or do I have to do it in advance? Please let me know at

Jefferson Ellis