Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Well John and I have returned from the Bahamas and we had an amazing time enjoying the beauty of God's creation in the Bahamas as well as stimulating, encouraging and challenging conversation with other followers of Jesus. Let me just hit some of the highlights for you and then I may reflect on some other things this week at a deeper level. I am trying out my .mac account and have posted some of my pictures here for you to see. they are mostly landscape shots.
  • snorkeling with NT Wright on the uninhabited Rose Island
  • engaging in conversation about life, faith and culture with some Harley Davidson store owners ton Rose Island over a white wine/lemonade mixed drink
  • meeting Brennan Manning and listening to him tell his story of recovery and learning to become the beloved
  • learning the importance of loving people instead of trying to convince people
  • reading my poem C.I.T.Y for the conference
  • considering and being overwhelmed by the reality of heaven not as a time and space location but as a realm of life where God rules and reigns and in addition to that the church is the non-spatial location of heaven on earth - the reclamation of paradise
  • meeting, talking with, dreaming and sharing struggles with Lee Rabe, the lead pastor of Threads in Kalamazoo, MI
  • watching the Boston Red Sox win the World Series
  • bragging to others from around the world the amazing and great things God is doing in and through the church in the city of Pittsburgh, especially our community, the open door. it was great to feel proud, honored and overall stoked about who we are becoming.
  • learning about and being inspired the host church New Providence Community Church, who started a community garden where the kids spend 1/3 of there Sunday School year in this garden learning in and from God's creation.
  • considering my role as a poet who Richard Rohr said, "have the ability for you to fill in the gaps and we like the poets need to teach and help people to SEE."
  • hanging out with John Creasy, dreaming with him about the open door, our unique context and gifts, writing a book, organizing a conference in Pittsburgh and praying together.
  • engaging in a serendipitous conversation with AJ, a local Bahamian graffiti artist who had a show in the church building, he gave me one of his pieces about consumerism, see some of his work on my .mac site.
Also check out Jordon Cooper's blog posts from the past 5 days to see more details. Carnegie melon just voted Jordan one of the 100 most influential bloggers.


Sarah Louise said...

so jealous--you will have to tell us more about meeting Brennan Manning.

so jealous about everything else too.

Very very cool.

Patrick said...

That island looks beautiful. I'm glad you had a good time. I miss you guys. Hope you're well.

Winnie Woodland said...

I remember in an ethics class at Pgh seminary where we were discussing racial prejudice, and why people form the opinions that we do. One female student commented that in her time in the Navy most 'enemies' were called by derogatory terms, and the names were 'classified'. Maybe dehumanizing a person or ethnic group is the way people justify their bad behavior.