Friday, November 30, 2007

Young Mary

During Advent we are focusing on Mary's Magnificent. There are 4 women from our community who are reflecting on this passage each week. I am thankful for capable and equipped women to preach, a mini-sabbath from preaching and the personal opportunity to reflect on the faithfulness of Mary who in birthing our Lord, "knew not all she contained." Renee who is kicking off this Advent series this week shared this poem with me from A Cry Like a Bell, by Madeleine L'Engle

"Young Mary"
I know not all of that which I contain.
I'm small; I'm young; I fear the pain.
All is surprise: I am to be a mother.
That Holy Thing within me and no other
is Heaven's King whose lovely Love will reign.
My pain, his gaining my eternal gain
my fragile body holds Creation's Light;
its smallness shelters God's unbounded might.
The angel came and gave, did not explain.
I know not all of that which I contain.

May we too be God-bearers this season even if we like Mary know not all we contain.

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Sarah Louise said...

oh, I like that poem. It will be exciting to hear what God gives Renee.

oh, and pizza!!