Thursday, August 25, 2005

friendship part 2

My reading for August 25th today in the Celtic Daily Pray by the Northumbria Community was all about friendship, so a few more thoughts on friendship from our Celtic family.

Psalm 15:1-3, Proverbs 17:17; 18:24, Matthew 11:19

Who are my friends? Are they Christians or not? Or some of each? If my friends are mostly Christians I am in danger of disappearing into a little Christian ghetto which will not be good for me. My contact with not-yet-Christians should not remain superficial - friendship, when it happens, comes from mutual liking beyond having just interests in common. It means being glad to spend time together; it means developing trust. Friendship requires honesty. Friends do not need you to be "up" all the time - instead they enable you to be more vulnerable.


John said...

BJ, this is valuable, hard stuff. With all the "missional" talk, sometimes friendship seems forced for the sake of evangelism, which I hate. Maybe we should talk more about the value of friendship when we talk about 1 - 1 relationships.

Lauren said...

I agree with John. Sometimes I feel frustrated with the Christian community because of the insulation: why is the value of deep friendship with not-yet Christians a revelation? Our innate humanness has lead us to misinterpret the meaning of Christianity; we let ourselves believe our own lives are more valuable, and that we have all the answers. So much can be learned about Christ's love from our not-yet Christian friends.

To me, the key of friendship is giving and receiving. I hope we approach and build friendships with humility and gratitude.