Thursday, September 01, 2005

broken flowers

I saw Broken Flowers yesterday (by myself - don't tell anyone). I love Bill Murray and anything touted by Cannes Film Festival. It is Lost in Translation morphed with Garden State. It is the story of a retired, wealthy, womanizer who is seeking to bring some closure to his past at the convincing of his neighbor. He takes off on a journey into his past that leads him into a new future. It is not for the traditional American Hollywood movie goes. It is more true to life than that. It depicts the reality of how our choices in the past tend to come around and bit us in the ass when left unresolved and unreconciled. Secondly it is true to life in that director Jim Jarmusch leaves us with a plethora of unresolved issues. There are no neat bows in this movie rather a series of strands that are still unraveling as the film closes. This is painfully frustrating yet true to life. I recommend it but it is not for the classic Hollywood movie goer where everything is fast paced, conversational saturated and it all gets wrapped up in a nice neat bow.


Sarah Louise said...

Unresolved is one way to put certainly is one to discuss.

Suzi aka SL

Sarah Louise said...

I did like the whole "pink" theme, though (tee hee).