Sunday, October 09, 2005

The joyful ache

I have been missing my brother in law Matt a lot recently. Last week we had an scenario to discuss in our Ethics class that involved a fictional person who wanted to end her struggle with terminal cancer early. This discussion brought back all the bitter sweet, joyful aches and blessed sadness that I feel every now and then as I think about the loss a my brother in law, my friend, my sister's husband, my niece and nephew's dad, and a servant of our God. I am choosing to embrace those emotions as much as possible as I believe they are the truth and Jesus promises that the truth will set me free.

Katrina and I also watched Born in the Brothels last night. (A Must See!!) One of the boys who was learning photography, taking pictures of his neighborhood and as a boy born into a family of prostitution and drugs in the red light district in Calcutta India said, "this life is hard to look at but it is the truth." This life is very hard to look at sometimes but it is the turth and the turth will set us free. That is what I am experiencing with the loss of my brother in law Matt.

Not only that but I cannot and should not let my life and may families life be void of Matt's presence. Just yesterday as I watched the Purdue Boilermakers play football on TV I reminded my sons, Zach and Alex that Purdue is uncle Matt's team. I am embracing the joyful ache of Matt's absence knowing that God himself sufferd great loss on, in and through the cross as the crucified God.

My sister recently wrote some similar things, check it out.

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John said...

Most people who lose someone try to put it behind them, and don't mention the person for sake of not bringing up saddness. There seems to be something wrong with that.