Thursday, October 06, 2005

kyra, elena, alex and zach

As a church leader and as a seminary student I spend my days working out what it means to be a missional emergent postmodern, post-evangelical, post-liberal generously orthodox, ancient future, relevantly reverent, church community who follows God in the way of Jesus. my brain hurts from thinking so much!

I come home and am greeted by twin 4 year old boys who tackle my in my groin, buckling me over, wanting to play hide and seek and throw Frisbee; a 6 year old daughter who wants to hug and kiss me and snuggle with me on the couch; and a 9 year daughter who is wants to tell me about her homework and her latest conversation with her 4th grade girlfriends. Ahhhhh... I love my kids, they are blessing to me, they teach me to play and be silly, to not take life so seriously and to slow down and just be with one another. Thanks be to God for the gift of my children. Thanks be to God!


Sarah Louise said...

Beej, you've been spammed! And on such a nice wholesome post about your family. What you want to do is get word verification. What a nice picture of the kids!

Benjamin, Kelly, Madelyn, & Anderson said...

Wow...I think I'm offically in "shock!" I cannot believe your kiddos are 9, 7, and 4! Are you sure your boys aren't still newborns? And I thought for sure Kyra was just starting 1st grade...
So glad former my McKee girl (Becky) told me about your blog! Looks and sounds like you're all doing great! Praise God! xoxo Kelly (Anderson) Ross