Tuesday, November 15, 2005

i am a procrastinator

I just want the world to know how much i hate studying (especially greek) and how difficult it is for me to stay focused and pay attention. here are just 10 things i have done other than study in the past two days:

  1. type up this blog
  2. watch monday night football
  3. listen to new music on itunes
  4. read other people's blogs
  5. set up a new desktop picture and screen saver on my laptop
  6. call people to go out to lunch
  7. unload the dishwasher
  8. watch sports center
  9. find the procrastinators creed online
  10. sleep

well i have to go take a lunch break, anybody want to come?


John said...

At least unloading the dishwasher made Katrina happy!

Terry L. Mann said...


I know it is bad when you watch the Eagles and Cowboys!!


tlaughlin said...

How do you say procrastinator in Hebrew?

ty said...

Procrastination my old friend,
its 4AM once again
just twelve pages left write
three more books I'll have it right
the morning iiis dawn-ing
papers due and no time left
surfing blogs is just wrong (in clanging contrast)

sung to some old 60s song runnning through my head :)