Wednesday, November 16, 2005

take my yoke upon you

Over 31% of college-educated male workers are regularly logging 50 or more hours a week at work, up from 22% in 1980. About 40% of American adults get less than seven hours of sleep on weekdays, up from 34% in 2001. Almost 60% of meals are rushed, and 34% of lunches are choked down on the run. To avoid wasting time, we’re talking on our cell phones while rushing to work, answering e-mails during conference calls, waking up at 4 a.m. to call Europe, and generally multitasking our brains out. BusinessWeek, October 3, 2005

That's the bad news, the good news is that there’s a revolt afoot. Click if you want to learn about the revolt.


John said...

Good link. This makes me more sure our House Gatherings should encourage lives of simplicity.

You look an awful lot like and Irish Rock Star!

marlaena said...

great link bj. last week i spoke on silence as a spiritual practice and am amazed at how God used those words in our community to stir up souls.

as i reflect on silence and stillness and deepening our communion with God and one another - i get confused. i hear people saying that is a true longing in their lives but what they say through their actions is the opposite. what holds us back from pursuing depth or closeness (depending on what image is in your mind)? can we live simple lives and still not have the relationships God intends?

also like your new makeover!

sabbath day's journey said...

Thanks for this link. Good stuff. I think many of us deeply long for simpler lives, but don't know quite where to begin. There's this 'efficient' thing going on; it grabs me quite a bit, too. I always feel best when I'm most productive and have been really efficient, you know? Sometimes we can't be efficient with ourselves, others and God, though. Sometimes we just need to BE. I'm glad to hear the contemplative life is getting more attention these days...I think it's sorely needed in our Christian communities.


terry said...

katrina is one lucky woman - you get better and better looking every day. grace - tt

John said...

I think growing my own food last summer was a great discipline. We had to work hard and be patient with something we normally just go to the store and buy in 20 minutes. It took months to grow our own organic food, but it was worth it. It also connects with the organic imagery all over the bible. Living busy efficient lives all the time is not reflected in scripture.