Saturday, December 03, 2005

are we just shuffling the chairs?

I often get concerned and frustrated with emerging church talk from within the conversation as well as from without. I fear that in our pre-packaged, cookie-cutter, how to do it, kind of church culture that we will only shuffle the chairs on the deck of sinking ship or put lipstick on the same old pig.

If our shape and vision of the church is not rooted in a renoriented and renewed understanding of the work of God in Christ and the Holy Spirit in and through the church we will end up perpetuating the same kind of consumeristic and Christendom mentality that lead us to where we are today. This I believe is NOT the heart of the emergent movement. What is at our heart is a desire for a renewed understanding and experience with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit that that then reorients the church towards a holistic mission in the world.

Anyway... What I wanted to do in this post is show you a humorously accurate portrait of what we should work against the emerging church from becoming. youmightbeemergentif... Enjoy!

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