Thursday, December 08, 2005

re: member?

RE: membering
Do you…
RE: member when?
RE: member when?
RE: member when?
RE: flecting
RE: collecting
RE: miniscing
the Story and ours
The grand meta-
The beauteous days
Frolicking like children
Sun beating down
Rays refracting
stirring up memoirs
of when and from whence
we were rescued
resuscitated, resurrected
RE: member? Or not
Real or virtual
who is to say?

our RE: collection is concussed
drive is full
Spinning looking for space
For memory to RE: place
It has been erased
RE: membrance, RE: moved
RE: miniscence RE: verted,
RE: call erased
RE: member us to YOU
RE: member YOU to us

RE: quiring tattoos
Indelible ink – never fading
Permanent fixations
RE: fresh RE: enact
Firing Synapses
Pumping Blood
RE: versing, RE: storing
Bread and wine
Doorframes and Tassels
Heads and hands
Post it notes posted
All throughout the space
Water, sprinkled or dunked
Family RE: unions
RE: telling RE: counting
the Story and ours
The old, old story
The grand meta-
Again and again and again
Over and over and over
RE: member the unserachable
RE: member when?
RE: member when?
RE: member when?
Let’s RE: member

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baysuite said...

You have a way with this poetry thing, B.J.; a distinctive style I'm so appreciating and enjoying. I'm so glad you post poetry to your blog. Often we have much to say that is more creatively expressed through the wonderful art form of poetry. Keep doing you.