Thursday, May 11, 2006

39 things I love...

9 days ago my beautiful wife Katrina turned 39 and I wanted to share with you 39 things that I love about her...

I love her out loud laughing
I love her crazy faces
I love her passion for yoga
I love her hospitality
I love her athleticism
I love her prophetic voice
I love her artistic creativity
I love her insatiable desire to learn new things
I love her spontaneity
I love the way she teaches our children
I love her clavicle
I love her thirst to study the Bible
I love the way she mis-quotes cliches
I love her silliness
I love her gardening
I love her amazing interior design sense
I love her discernment
I love the way she invests in others
I love her honesty
I love her willingness to challenge me
I love her cooking
I love her cleanliness
I love her flexibility and carefree heart
I love that she is my wife
I love the way she drools on her pillow when taking a power nap
I love her beautiful skin
I love when she childishly plays with our kids
I love her independence
I love her naivete
I love her smile
I love her strength
I love her wisdom and insight
I love her integrity
I love her eyes
I love how she seizes the moment
I love her nose ring
I love the creases on her face when she wakes up in the morning
I love her faithfulness to me
I love her more today than when I met her 19 years ago

I love you Katrina!


Eileen said...

you scored major brownie points on that list BJ... :o)

Garretblog17 said...

you are a good husband and father Brandon James. I'm glad to be a part of your life and to witness the love and devotion you have for others.

sabbath day's journey said...

What an absolutely lovely post, BJ. Clouds my eyes with tears. Keep loving your wife the way you do.


Sarah Louise said...


We love her too! Happy Birthday, Katrina!

Alan Hirsch said...

I think I must love her too. Hope you don't mind? :-)