Monday, May 05, 2008

Mango IPA

I am brewing my 3rd beer today. I have done an IPA dry-hopped with Simocoe hops and a Ginger Saison. TO day i am doing a mock-up of the Dogfishead 60 Minute IPA with a mango addition.

Here is the recipe:
6oz. American Crystal Malt
7lbs. light Dry Malt Extract
.5 ozs. warrior hops
.5 ozs. simcoe hops
.5 Amarillo hops
gradually throughout the boil - continuous hopping

.5 Amarillo hops at the end of the boil
3 lbs of frozen mango
White Labs East Coast Ale yeast WLP008 -doing a starter with that.

Dry hop with 1 oz. Amarillo and .5 oz. Simcoe

Starting gravity was 1.064
Final Gravity Target is 1.017
Target IBU is 60

Smelled yummy as it went to the fermnetor!


Karen said...

ooh, I hope it will be ready to share by the date of our party!

Mary said...

How did it turn out? I want to try, but only if yours turned out great.