Thursday, May 15, 2008

one car, dependence and slowing down

About 2 months ago our 1993 Saturn wagon died, in fact it died on Easter Saturday and there was no resurrection on Easter Sunday (maybe upon the return of Jesus). So for the past two months Katrina and I have made a conscious choice to go to one car. I have seen God's hand and grace in this and have been learning lots of things in moving to one car with a 6 person family.

First of all it has caused me to slow down. In order for me to get to meetings I need to give myself more time to get there either, by foot, bike or bus. In those journey times I have time to enjoy the day, listen to God, see others in my neighborhood, listen to music or a podcast and just BE. One day while walking a whole five blocks to work I was able to stop and have three conversation with people from my neighborhood that if driving I would not have seen or connected with.

Secondly i have been forced to be dependent. Today i had an appointment that felt a bit out of my biking range and it was raining so i called Chris Brown to ask to borrow his car. I am also borrowing friends car all next week while they are in Germany. It has never been easy for me to ask for help and assistance but i am seeing the glory of God in this. Recently i preached on the Holy Spirit's role in the the ministry and life of Christ. I made the statement that Jesus was fully dependent on the Holy Spirit to accomplish his work and mission. I then asked, "what if what it means to be fully human and Christ-like is to be one who is fully dependent on the Holy Spirit. I thank God for the opportunity to live into that reality.

Thirdly, i am catching a minuscule glimpse of what many of my lower income neighbors deal with every day. Every day, I see single moms, with four kids in two waiting in the rain at a bus top to go get groceries. Only having one car doe not compare but it has given me a glimpse of identification with the poor.

Finally we are saving money on gas and car insurance; I am getting regular exercise and we are contributing less to the pollution of the creation and therefore bringing liberation and freedom to the bondage and decay of the creation.

Here is a prayer about walking the sidewalk i wrote last year that captures a bit of all this.

Thank you for the sidewalk
That leads me today
Slow my hustle to a shuffle
That you might,
Lift my head;
Open my eyes;
Soften my heart;
Guide my steps;
Open my mouth;
Extend my hand;
To meet and greet you

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suzannah said...

good post, bj. i like the images in your poem.

we miss you and your family and hope all is well with you and the open door. peace, good friend.